How to start a moving company?

1. Research your competition.

You want to know how many moving companies around your area, what they offer and how they run their business. You want to be different if there are too many moving companies around your area. Do your research, it worth your time.

2. Name your company, make a logo.

You need a stand-out name, Like Ken’s Pack and Move. You want to have an Eye-Catching name. Sit down and put some thoughts on it. Write down on a piece of paper and screen the best name out. And you want to make a logo for your company, make your company look good. I personally would recommend making a work uniform, like T-shirt with the logo.

3. Make a website.

Find a domain, build a website. You can do it on your own (Wix, Squarespace)or hire some website design company. We used SEO Rank company, they are doing a great job, not just making a website for us, also doing marketing for us. Only one company, do all the work. You definitely could do it on your own for marketing as well, go on social media, get a google business listing, etc. I would suggest you to hire a photographer to take some professional pictures. You want your website to look professional and beautiful.

4. Decide your business structure.

There are a few different business structures, for example, Sole proprietorship, Limited liability company (LLC), Corporation, etc. Click here for more information. I would suggest the Limited liability company (LLC). An LLC lets you take advantage of the benefits of both the corporation and partnership business structures. LLCs protect you from personal liability in most instances, your personal assets — like your vehicle, house, and savings accounts — won’t be at risk in case your LLC faces bankruptcy or lawsuits.

5. licensing

It is very varied among states. For North Carolina, you can check here. If you want to do interstates moving, you also need to check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA). You also need to get your business insurance and yearly inspection of your truck. You need to decide to buy a truck or lease a truck.

6. Get a business account from the bank.

Get your EIN from IRS.gov. Get your business credit card. I prefer to use America Express because they have great customer services. Bank of American is also a good choice for customer services.

7. Decide the rate for your moving service.

I prefer hourly flat rate. I think it is a fair way to charge. Find out the price range in your local area. It is also varied among the states.

8. Hire employee

Having good employees is the most important thing. You can try indeed /craigslist, depends on how much you would like to pay for the hiring post. You need to screen hard to get a good employee.

9. Marketing

It is very important to let your company’s name out there. Again, you can do it on your own, for example, asking for referrals, going on Facebook, or you can hire some professionals to do it for you. We use SEO Rank company. They are doing an amazing job. They take care of our website, google listing and Google AdWords, Email marketing and Social media marketing, etc. Trust me, lt is completely worth every penny.

10. You are on your first job

Clean your truck, make you smell good, show up 10 minutes earlier, wrap every piece of furniture, running back and forth, moving is very stressful for the customers, so you need to be very patient to them.

11. Follow-up and get a review

Contact the customer after 2 weeks, let the customer calm down from the moving stress. Ask for a review and grow your reviews. The reviews are very important to you.

12. Always improve your business.

Pay attention to the feedback, especially the negative one, unfortunately, you will get some. Don’t be discouraged. They are all good for you. Keep improving your services.

I want to appreciate Max Maher for many great ideas here. And for the people who read this article, I wish you good luck and be successful! Life is good!

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