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For more than 10 years, Ken’s Pack and Move has provided Triangle Area residents with a full array of professional packing and moving services. Our five star residential and office moving company serves major cities and rural areas of the Triangle, including

  • Durham
  • Chapel Hill
  • Morrisville
  • Cary
  • Holly Springs
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  • Apex
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Ken’s Pack and Move is more than just local movers or furniture movers. Also, through our relocation experts, you receive the packing and storage services you need to make your move seamless from one location to the next. Additionally, this means you experience less stress and hassle than when doing the move yourself or relying on other service providers. Furthermore, we use professional moving equipment for greater efficiency, affordability, and safety, whether your move is local, long-distance, or short-distance.

Also, Online reviews provide a complete picture of how we work hard to ensure our customers’ utmost satisfaction. Also, we are confident that we can provide the same level of care and quality during your relocation, too.

Furthermore, learn more about our local moving services below or call us at (919) 637-5862  for a free consultation and to schedule a move.

Why not do the moving work yourself ?

For a short distance move, many people think about doing the local movers’ work, themselves. But this usually costs the same or more than using a reputable local moving company. In fact, you can actually put more at risk besides your wallet, if you decide to try moving yourself.

Using Professional Local Movers Saves You Money

Sure, you can call a truck rental service and drive your own truck to transport your household or office belongings from one location to the next. The advertised rates seem cheap, at face value. But these rates are not the actual price you will pay.

Also, you also have to fill the truck’s gas tank, something that does not come cheap. Furthermore, these vehicles average only 10 to 14 miles to the gallon. Additionally, for a local move, you must also pay for each mile you drive. Also, this surcharge adds up. Other costs include liability insurance, dolly rental, and other costs.

Expert Local Movers Save Your Time

Additionally, moving takes time, for certain. Also, you have to pack all of your belongings and load them onto the truck. Furthermore, this takes more effort than you think, especially if you own furniture. Additionally, properly balancing the box and furniture weight in the truck even takes time, toward safe transport.

Furthermore, you must drive to your new place and unload the truck. Also. despite being exhausted after even a small move, you have to refill the truck’s gas tank and get it back to the rental station before they charge you for another day. Furthermore, someone has to pick you up or meet you at the truck rental place to drive you home. Unfortunately, you have yet to unpack all of your belongings, put them away and take away all of the packing materials for recycling.

Clearly, moving is a big job that takes a ton of work. Also, it will take up your time and wear you out. The whole process generally takes longer than anyone expects, when you do it yourself.

Local Movers Save You from Physical and Mental Stress

Moving takes a toll on your body as you have to move and lift so many objects of different weights and sizes. Also, there is a great deal of stooping, slow stepping and heavy lifting involved. Furthermore, it is very easy to hurt your legs, arms, neck, and back, in the process. Additionally, can you afford to miss work after hurting your back or twisting an ankle?

Additionally, moving also involves many problems you have to solve on-the-spot. Also, one simple example is finding a gas station that fits a large box truck. Also, how will you fit everything onto the truck without it becoming unstable? Also, what if you blow a tire in the process of moving or your belongings shift one direction or the other? Furthermore, have you packed things well enough, so they will not break or suffer other damage?

Also, unless you only have a few furniture items and light boxes, you need to seriously consider using expert local movers for your short distance move. Also, their professional service certainly pays off, from beginning to end.


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