Move Into a New House: 12 Things You Need to Know

Move Into a New House – Relocation is never a small project. Even if everything you own fits into the trunk of your car, you still have to pack, unpack and organize everything before you can get back to your normal daily routine. Then, when you move in, there are always surprises to overcome. As a professional Raleigh area moving company, Ken’s Pack and Move can help you seamlessly settle into your living space. That help starts with recommending 12 key things you need when moving into a new home, below.

Trash Bags and Cans

Every new home or apartment needs trash cans and appropriately sized bags for both indoors and outside. Consider your floorplan and rooms to determine which sizes and types to have on hand. Most people prefer to have trash cans in or near their home office, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and nursery. Move Into a New House, you’ll need to bring trash bags and cans. 

Also, remember that you will have a lot of garbage to throw out after you move in. Your moving company can dispose of empty moving boxes and packing materials for you if you enlist their help for unpacking. But if you do this work yourself, you face a mountain of these items to throw away and recycle.

Light Bulbs

Upon moving into your new place, go from room to room and account for light fixtures and the bulb sizes they use. Although your lights may work at first, rarely are the bulbs all new. You can expect some to require replacements very soon, if not from the start.

Extension Cords and Surge Protectors

You can never have too many indoor or outdoor extension cords on hand. When setting up your living space, you will find that outlets are not always aligned with your design plan. You also need surge protectors and power strips for computers, appliances, and electronic devices.

Toilet Plungers

Every bathroom should have a plunger on hand. Most people throw these out when they move. So upon relocation, it is necessary to buy new ones. You never know when this type of emergency can happen and preparation is key.

Sponges and Cleaning Cloths

From your first moments after arrival, you will feel most comfortable in a clean home. But you likely threw out your sponges before leaving your old place. It can also take time to find your packed dishcloths, cleaning cloths, and towels. Buy some multi-purpose sponges and cleaning cloths for everything from dishwashing and drying to window cleaning.

Air Filters

Before moving into your new place, check out the air conditioning and heating units as well as the air ducts. Make a list of the air filter types and sizes or take a smartphone picture of the existing filters’ labels. After all, you want clean air filtering throughout your home, not the dusty remains of the past residents’ filters. Buy enough to change these as often as recommended for your unit.


When packing your battery-driven electronics, you probably threw out the batteries or needed to replace dead ones. Smoke alarms and other devices in your new place likely operate on batteries, too. Buy a supply of AA, AAA, 9V and button batteries for your kitchen supply drawer.

CO2 and Smoke Detectors

Most rental properties come with smoke detectors. Fewer have carbon monoxide detectors. If you are moving into your own home, you may have to install these yourself. Ensure you buy enough smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to cover the square footage and provide you with lifesaving peace of mind. 

Cleaning Supplies

Few rentals or purchased properties are deeply cleaned before moving day. Purchase the basic cleaning supplies you will need to either do this work before moving or after you arrive. You will need all-purpose cleaner, window spray, dusting supplies, toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaner. Also consider rubber gloves, a mop, bucket, broom, vacuum, duster, toilet brush and washing machine cleaner.

Paper Products

Everyone needs toilet tissue in their new bathrooms. Having paper towels on hand is equally important for cleaning your new place and cleaning up spills. 

Outlet Covers and Babyproofing Needs

If you have a baby or toddler, do not forget babyproofing supplies. Your little one has natural curiosity that can put them at risk, particularly when you are distracted by your move. Consider baby gates, cordless window treatments, magnetic locks for cabinets, corner guards and outlet covers.

Tool Kit

Move into a new house will mean you’ll need to make adjustments and small fixes. Whether you are moving into a newly built property or a previously lived-in one, you will need a basic tool kit. Good purchases are screwdrivers, a hammer, tape measure, screws, picture hanging nails, wrenches and a power drill.

Shower Curtain

When moving, many people throw out old shower curtains or leave them in their prior residence. If your new place has a bathtub with a shower head, you need to ensure you have these installed as soon as you move in. Don’t forget the waterproof curtain liner and the curtain rings.

Help for Your Local, Short Distance or Long Distance Move

We hope these tips helped you while you move into a new house. Relocation is a big job, regardless of the size of your family or home. In the Raleigh area, thousands of people have enjoyed an easier move with the help of Ken’s Pack and Move. We are a professional moving company with over 10 years of experience in the Raleigh market. Our online reviews show our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction. For the help you need with local, short distance or long distance moving, call us today at  (919) 637-5862 .