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If there is one thing most professional movers have seen time and again, it is a series of the same moving mistakes made by their clients. In fact, most people make at least some of these mistakes during their relocation. But the problems are easily avoided with a little planning and forethought.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

To make your relocation easier, whether you plan on moving yourself or relying on a quality moving company, call the experts for a consultation. When you compare costs and the services provided, working with professional movers typically pays off in the end.

Below, the professional movers of Ken’s Pack & Move in Cary, North Carolina list the top 7 moving mistakes to avoid in your next move.

1. Moving Yourself

Moving, even just down the street, requires a lot of advance planning. You face a broad range of potential problems, not the least of which is personal injury. Also, you can also damage your belongings. You also face high truck rental costs, fuel costs, or general wear-and-tear on your own vehicle. These are just some of the big moving mistakes when trying to DIY.

Aside from these factors, who will help you move? Moving yourself actually means enlisting reluctant friends and family to help you. No one wants to be “that guy” dragging their friends and family away from their personal time for unpaid labor. Consider all of these moving mistakes of moving yourself and explore the affordability of professional movers by talking to the experts for a free quote.

2. Forgetting about the High Season

Like with any customer-oriented business, there is a high season for professional movers. In fact, some times of year prove almost impossible to book moving services. One of the biggest moving mistakes for Americans is not booking the move far enough in advance. Particularly in spring and summer high seasons, relocation takes some planning.

3. Not Getting an Estimate

Even if you prefer moving yourself, you should always do a cost comparison through an estimate for professional movers. When working with a moving company, this estimate is particularly important to keep you from feeling blindsided by the cost. Such estimates are either binding or nonbinding. Experts suggest getting at least three estimates from different moving companies. They also recommend not choosing the cheapest offer without clear examination because it may relate to the quality of the services.

A binding estimate is a written quote that clearly describes all of the charges at concrete pricing that cannot change. Nonbinding estimates your move according to the size of your home, projected weight of personal belongings and distance you are moving. A nonbinding estimate is also provided in writing and gives you an idea of your total cost, within 10 percent of the final charges.

4. Neglecting to Ask About Moving Insurance

Forgetting about moving insurance is one of the biggest moving mistakes. People typically do not think about needing insurance until a mover drops a box of dishes or your TV screen suffers damage. Who covers these costs? The answer to that question comes down to the reimbursement policy, moving company’s insurance policy and your own homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Check all of these insurances and policies out before scheduling your moving services. Also ensure your moving company has a worker’s compensation policy to cover mover injury.

5. Forgetting about Valuables

Expensive items are typically not the responsibility of the moving company. This means you should pack your jewelry, documents and other valuables for transport in your personal vehicle. If something is an heirloom or of significant importance to you, you should move it yourself. The same is true for firearms, alcohol and other hazardous items.

6. Not Prepping Your Pet

When moving yourself and your family, you must also move your pet. Take your pets to the veterinarian just before moving day to ensure they are up-to-date on shots, certificates, tags and identification. If you are moving long-distance, you possibly need motion sickness or anti-anxiety medication for your fur baby, too.

7. Forgetting about House Plants

Most professional movers do not transport plants. This is particularly true for distances over 150 miles or interstate moving. To move plants, check the USDA website for a list of prohibited plants for your new state. Also transfer plants from breakable pots to lightweight plastic. If you cannot move your greenery, consider giving them to friends or a retirement home.

Avoid Moving Mistakes with Professional Movers

The best way to avoid making these seven moving mistakes and others like them is to work with professional movers. Ken’s Pack and Move provides individuals and families in the Cary, North Carolina area with local moving services and long-distance moving services. We also provide moving storage to hold and protect your belongings after pick-up and before drop-off. Call us today at (919) 637-5862 for a free moving estimate and scheduling.