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Many shifts are happening these days, in how Americans live. These lifestyle changes are due, in part, to the recent coronavirus pandemic and how quarantines affected our working style. The ability to work from home means more people can leave the proximity of their employer’s physical office. It also means more have the ability to live where their dollars stretch farther and they can afford a better quality of life. If you are moving for a better life, where should you go?

You can move from a small apartment in your complex to a bigger one. Or, you can move down the street, a few miles away or from one type of lifestyle to another right here in North Carolina. When you do relocate, Ken’s Pack & Move answers your call for local and Triangle Area moving for a better life.

Below are examples of where Americans are moving today. These popular destinations are just some ideas of where to move. Other ideas are much more “local.”

Where Americans Are Moving for a Better Life

Deciding where to move is difficult. Many people relocating today base their decision on socioeconomics or the cost of living. Others move for school, work, or better opportunities. Still, others chase childhood dreams of their ideal place to live. Moving for a better life largely depends on what you personally believe is “better” for you.

Nevertheless, below are the places where Americans are moving for a better life on their own terms. From the lowest percentage of new residents to the highest population surge in 2020, these states include:

  • Hawaii, 49,708 new residents
  • New Hampshire, 50,288 new residents
  • Montana, 40,862 new residents
  • Delaware, 38,014 new residents
  • Colorado, 240,600 new residents
  • Nevada, 132,950 new residents
  • Idaho, 78,730 new residents
  • Alaska, 34,031 new residents
  • North Dakota, 36,668 new residents
  • Wyoming, 30,247 new residents

Through this list, you can see how the “great outdoors” and wide-open spaces seem to be large influencers in where Americans are moving for a better life.


About 11,000 Californians moved to Hawaii in 2020 and even more are expected after the coronavirus pandemic settles down. Besides Washington and Virginia, North Carolina also contributed many new residents to this island paradise. In fact, 3,524 people left North Carolina for Hawaii.

New Hampshire

Why are Americans moving to New Hampshire for a better lifestyle? This is an intriguing question, since most of the new state residents come from the neighboring states of Massachusetts and Maine.


California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada are the biggest contributors to Montana’s new residents. Many likely relocate here if they are moving for a better life in the outdoors, wide-open spaces and low cost of living that the state provides. Snowfall in Montana is certainly a change for many of the people arriving from Nevada and California.


Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers are making an exodus to Delaware. In 2020, almost 9,000 of the new residents came from Pennsylvania, alone. New York contributed 3,044.


Almost 30,000 people left California for Colorado in 2020. A whopping 14,000 moved from Florida’s tropical environment to the colder Rocky Mountain climate of this beautiful state. Arizona and Illinois both sent over 10,000 people to Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and other parts of the state.


Almost 50,000 people moved from California to neighboring Nevada in 2020. Most likely felt they were moving for a better life. Florida contributed another 5,000 new residents, along with several thousand each from Arizona and Colorado.


Of Idaho’s almost 80,000 new residents in 2020, the most migrated from California. That state gave 18,000 of its residents to the Sawtooth Mountain region. Others arrived from Arizona, Colorado and Montana.


A whopping 34,031 people moved from other states to Alaska in 2020. California and Florida each contributed about 5,000 people and Idaho added 1,644 to the list. That is a long way to go when moving for a better life!

North Dakota

Oil drilling was a major influencer of relocations into North Dakota. This boom in new residents coincides with the modern oil rush of the region. Besides oil workers, those relocating include service providers and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Minnesota contributed the most people, at 13,506 people moving only one state west. Texas added another 3,075 and South Dakota 2,329. The rest of the people traveled from all over the U.S. with big dreams, moving for a better lifestyle.


Wyoming received the lowest number of new residents in 2020 when compared to all other states. But this small addition of people actually increased the state’s population by 5.6 percent. This proportionate leap made Wyoming the fastest-growing state in the Union. California, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho were the biggest contributors to this boom.

Triangle Area of North Carolina

Although North Carolina did not make the top ten list for population expansion in 2020, people in the Triangle Area of our state are also moving for a better lifestyle. Many are moving locally to provide more room for a home office or learning spaces for their kids. Others are downsizing from a home to a condo due to the changing economy. These moves are throughout the local area, including in the cities of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, and Cary. When you need help with a local move, in-state move or relocation across the country, call the local moving professionals of Ken’s Pack & Move at (919) 637-5862.

Are you considering a move to Raleigh, North Carolina? You are certainly not alone. In fact, the Triangle Area is one of the top areas for relocation in the United States. There are many reasons to call Raleigh “home” and we explore 10 of them, below.

Career Opportunities in the Triangle Area

Work is a great reason to move to Raleigh. The city, and in fact the whole Triangle Area, is on the cutting edge for many career fields. Whether you are advancing in your current career or want to change to a new field, opportunities abound here. Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham offer a broad range of tech, biotech, healthcare and Fortune 500 organizations for which you can work. Companies range in size from startups and small businesses to major brands known within every household.

Move to Raleigh

Top-Quality Healthcare

If you are seeking better healthcare as part of your move to Raleigh, you are making a smart decision. The city offers world-class hospitals and medical centers to keep your whole family in top health. The region hosts Duke University Medical Center, UNC hospitals and other renowned institutions, along with some of the most experienced and highly trained medical professionals in the country.


If you feel tired of barely making ends meet, Raleigh offers a healthier economy in which to thrive. Your move to Raleigh is one that provides you with a low cost-of-living in comparison with other American cities. Home ownership and property taxes are affordable in this region. There are also many apartment communities and other types of housing throughout the city and in its suburbs.

The Arts and Culture

Boasting a young, community-oriented population, Raleigh is home to plenty of options for entertainment and cultural pursuit. The music, foodie and art scenes here are thriving. The city also offers plenty of museums, galleries and theatres for enjoyment of the Arts, too. Even kids have their own cultural representation in the city, such as through the Marbles Kids Museum.

Collegiate Sports

Basketball is one of the area’s hottest sports, particularly at the collegiate level. Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina offer thrilling competitive action, just as they are proving grounds for future NBA athletes. For any sports fan, a move to Raleigh is a reason to get very excited. The Triangle Area considers NCAA and ACC tournaments pseudo-holidays.

Educational Opportunities

From preschool to advanced degrees, few cities offer the educational bounty of Raleigh, North Carolina. Whether you want to advance your own education or provide learning for your children, you can choose from hundreds of institutions. At the collegiate level, NC State, Duke University and UNC are among the top universities in the nation. For younger people, Wake County Public School System is top-notch in the state. You can also place your kids in private, charter or magnet schools.

Proximity to Varied Geographies

People in Raleigh repeatedly boast about one of the area’s big truths. That is, the city is ideally located between snow skiing and sunny beaches. You can spend weekends getting away to the mountains and crisp air of Asheville or Boone in fall and winter. In summer, spend weekends hiking those areas or venture to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country on the North Carolina coast or the Outer Banks. Convenient getaways are one of the best reasons to move to Raleigh!

Restaurants and Bars

The Triangle Area offers an unlimited number of dining and drinking venues. You can find cuisine of almost any nation here as well as a wide variety of restaurant styles and experiences. Microbreweries are very on-trend and something you can enjoy when you move to Raleigh. In fact, the city features over 20 craft breweries of its own.


For people who enjoy getting out at night and kicking up their heels, the Triangle Area offers plenty of nightlife enjoyment. People are very social in this region. You can enjoy the benefits of getting to know new friends and neighbors over a few cocktails or out on the dance floor. If you choose to move to Raleigh, you never have to feel alone.


The city is located between the world-famous Outer Banks and the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you move to Raleigh, you will enjoy four gorgeous seasons with enjoyable weather and year-round outdoor fun. Here, you experience the best of all seasons, even occasional winter snows.

Your Local Raleigh Moving Company

Ken’s Pack & Move maintains an outstanding reputation as Raleigh’s local moving company. Are you ready to upgrade from an apartment to your own home? Do you seek to move to Raleigh from one of the suburbs? Or, do you want to downsize from a big place to a smaller one? Whatever the size or scale of your Triangle Area Ken’s Pack & Move provides the local moving services you need. Call us at (919) 637-5862 for information and scheduling.